3rd Molar Extraction

3rd Molar Extraction Specialist
Wisdom teeth extractions – a rite of passage for most young adults. Removal of the wisdom teeth, or the third molars, ensures the future health of young mouths. Most people don’t have enough room for these teeth, and even when they do, the wisdom teeth are vulnerable to decay and infection. Residents of Akron, Ohio can trust the highly skilled dentists at Summit Dental Group with their wisdom teeth extraction. Make an appointment today to have yours evaluated. Call the office or use the convenient online booking tool.

3rd Molar Extraction Q & A

What are the third molars?

The third molars are, as suggested by the name, the third, and final set of molars that come in. They’re positioned in the very back of the mouth and usually appear between 17-21 years of age.

What problems can wisdom teeth cause if they are not extracted?

Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems as they develop, including excessive decay, infection, and impaction into the bone. These teeth are hard to keep clean. Since the roots of the lower third molars can continue to develop and grow, they can eventually threaten the nerve that runs along the lower part of the jaw.  

They sometimes come in crooked and angle toward or away from your other teeth, which can cause your bite to become misaligned.

If you’ve gone through orthodontic treatment, you may not have enough room in your mouth to accommodate these additional teeth. The eruption of wisdom teeth can threaten both your bite and any orthodontic corrections you’ve had.

How are the wisdom teeth extracted?

The way the doctor extracts your wisdom teeth depends on your teeth’s stage of development. If they’ve erupted, you may undergo an extraction that’s similar to that done on any other tooth. If they’re impacted, you’ll need minor surgery that requires an incision into the gums and removal of the bone that lies over the tooth.

You’ll be in the comfort of the offices of Summit Dental Group and surrounded by a staff that’s caring, compassionate, and familiar.

How do I recover from wisdom teeth extraction?

After your extraction procedure, the staff will give you easy-to-follow instructions to care for yourself at home while your mouth heals. You may have some bleeding for several hours, and most likely some swelling. Summit Dental Group may recommend using over-the-counter anti-inflammatories for pain relief and may prescribe antibiotics to reduce your risk of infection.

After the first 24 hours, you can gently brush your front teeth and rinse your whole mouth with a salt-water solution. You’ll be restricted to a soft diet for several days, or weeks, while you heal.

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